WorkerRental Attends NASE Annual Meeting

November 16, 2017

On October 26th, I was fortunate enough to represent WorkerRental at the Annual Board Meeting of the National Association for the Self Employed (NASE) at their Dallas, TX headquarters.  WorkerRental has been a member of the NASE since 2014, but this was the first year we had the opportunity to attend and mingle with the board directors.

2017 NASE Meeting

I was not quite sure what to expect.  Would it be set up like a classroom....with the directors in the front?  Was I overdressed?  (I made sure I would not be under dressed.)  The meeting began at 5, but what would be the perfect time to arrive?  I knew I would not be late (I make sure I am never late), but too early is not good either.  Would I just be in the silent viewing audience or would I be addressed?

My plane landed in Dallas at 11:30 am, but time ticked quickly until 4:45.  I grabbed my bag with my notebook, pen, and WorkerRental brochures and made my way to the meeting.  I opened the door to about 30 people conversing in the main lobby.  I knew nobody, but within 2 seconds, one of the board members came up and introduced himself to me.

His name is Dr. John Crowder.  A very personable and likable guy, he asked me who I am and what I do for a living.  He seemed genuinely interested in me personally and professionally.  I could not have been talking with him for more than 2 minutes before Keith Hall, President and CEO of the NASE introduced himself and engaged me in conversation.  Throughout the two hours that I was at the "Meeting," I was introduced to, and had an in depth conversation with, every director of the premiere organization that advocates for improvements for Self Employed businesses.  They are a welcoming group whose passion for helping self-employed businesses succeed is obvious.  We discussed many topics including health insurance for self employed (a major obstacle for many), tax reform, and the NASE's "Hire Your Kid" program (essential for anybody that is self employed and has children.)

I conversed with other self employed business owners.  One was a Dallas-area Realtor.  Her name is Gerri.  She was not a member of the NASE yet, but after speaking with the directors, she was enthusiastically going to join.  Another person is an author that owns a bamboo sportswear equipment company from South Carolina.  The NASE does not discriminate to what your business matter what type of independent contractor or you are or self employed business you own, their business is to make your business succeed!

When I finally left (I was one of the first there and last to leave), I felt excited.  Rejuvenated.  I felt like I had just met the support team that will help propel WorkerRental to the next level.  In the upcoming months, there will be a strong, sustained marketing push to get WorkerRental in front of many more residential independent contractors.  We will double our efforts in higher SEO rankings, publish the "WorkerRental Essential Guide for the Self Employed", and aggressively advertise with Google Ads.  We will make WorkerRental the number one source for Residential Independent Contractors which ultimately means more jobs for our Workers!

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