What is WorkerRental and How Does It Work?

June 20, 2017

What Is WorkerRental and How Does It Work?

Are you self-employed?

Whether you’re a full-time freelancer, independent, or professional or just want to use your skills and talents to make a little extra money, WorkerRental can help you promote your business for free!

As a self-employed worker who’s just starting out as or an experienced member of the self-employed community, it’s exciting to be your own boss and watch the money flow in from work you did – and enjoyed doing!

However, unless you’re well-advertised, you’re constantly trying to market your business, searching for new clients, and worrying you won’t get enough jobs!

Paying marketing and advertising fees for your business can be super expensive and trying to do it all yourself is such a time-consuming, thankless task.

You don’t need that extra stress!

What if there was a way that I could promote my business online FOR FREE?

With WorkerRental, local home service providers have access to a powerful platform connecting self-employed Workers to community Members who need someone trustworthy, skilled, and hardworking (like YOU!) to help them with their next project!

It’s easy to sign up as a Worker and become a part of the WorkerRental community!

It takes just 2 minutes to fill out our registration form and create your Worker profile.

Simply choose the Worker account type, enter some basic info about yourself, the type of job you do, your hourly rate, and the days you’re available to take jobs. 

Then sit back and watch as the job offers come to you from our community Members.

It’s that simple!

WorkerRental is the perfect resource for YOU!

There’s no hidden fees and no annoying hoops to jump through – everything is between you and your client, from appointment scheduling to payment.

We offer tons of great benefits in addition to our free advertisement for self employed members. . .

  • verified customer satisfaction reviews to help people find your business
  • way to post photos of previous completed jobs
  • amazing flexibility and great pay
  • a vibrant community to grow ongoing work relationships

Put your skills to use with WorkerRental.com!

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