Welcome Back to WorkerRental

June 22, 2017



Welcome Back to WorkerRental.com – Check Out Our Improved Website!


Hello WorkerRental.com community!

Whether you’re a new member of our community or have been here for a while, you may have noticed that, until recently, we’ve been pretty quiet over here.

But don’t worry!

We had a short advertising hiatus while we focused on changing our web host and revamping our website.

About WorkerRental.com

WorkerRental.com is a powerful online free service which connects skilled self-employed Workers to Members seeking local residential services.

We launched our innovative job-worker matching system in 2015 and, since then, we’ve helped both Workers and Members in our community get connected with the right jobs and the right people.

It’s been two years since WorkerRental.com first started and we’re always looking toward the future for new ways we can improve our website.

We are dedicated to making WorkerRental.com the #1 platform for households to find the best, local home services. We want to help local, self employed home service providers grow their businesses through the FREE advertisement provided on our platform.

Why the hiatus?

There are a couple reasons why we decided to stop advertising our site for a while.

First, and most importantly, we wanted to focus our attention on updating our website and upgrading our services.

We set up a new and improved web host. We also completely rebuilt and redesigned our website.

Both of these improves will increase usability and make it even simpler to find and advertise local self employed home service providers!

However, during this process, we needed time to work out all the bugs from our new system and make sure our new site was fully functional before we advertised!

Second, we didn’t want to advertise our old website when it would be soon replaced with an new, improved, and bug-free version!

What’s new with WorkerRental.com?

We’re so excited to introduce all the new updates and improvements we’ve made to the WorkerRental.com system!


We’re happy to introduce a brand new, fully-functional email system that will allow our team to communicate more effectively with large groups (Workers/Members/All Users) and allow individual users to unsubscribe to our emails.


We’ve updated our feedback system! This means it will be easier for you to help us eliminate fake reviews and solve other user-related problems to ensure our platform continues to provide the best, most accurate information.


With our site improvements, we are now able to launch a new, more effective marketing phase. Our goal is to grow WorkerRental.com so that it’s easier for more local Workers to find jobs and easier for households to find local Workers to help them with their home servicing needs! We’ll market WorkerRental.com across multiple sites and social media platforms to help grow out community!


Our new web host has a much better web team. They are responsive and able to help you solve any problems you have with the website functionality.

 Join now to take advantage of our FREE services! 

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