Benefits of Becoming a Worker/Independent Contractor on

November 11, 2017

Are you an electrician, plumber, tree trimmer, seamstress, or any other Residential Independent Contractor?  Whatever your trade is, posting your services on WorkerRental will get you more gigs, for a fraction of the effort.  The website is designed to put Workers at the forefront, and connects them with quality clients that pay well and value their time.

You spent years perfecting your craft and you shouldn't have to devote half of your working day to engaging in mind numbing bidding wars and hustling to find reliable clients.  On WorkerRental, the clients come to you, so you can spend more time following your passions.  Below are a few of the unique benefits of creating a profile on


No More Updating

Are you tired of constantly posting new advertisements for your services on other job sites in hopes to land at the top of the page?  On WorkerRental, Residential Independent Contractors (Workers) are shown to Members based on their distance to the person searching, regardless of when they last posted.  This gives you the freedom of posting only once and leaving it up as long as you'd like.


Free to Use

You work hard for your pay, and you should be able to keep every last cent of it, which is why WorkerRental doesn't act like a middleman and charge fees. is a marketplace to connect Members with Workers.  That's it!


Tell Your Story

On your profile, you can post all of the necessary information you think Members need to know.  You can describe your services, your past experiences, and even include photos from recent projects you've completed.  The more information you post on your profile, the better you'll look to Members.


Let Members Recommend You

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to attract new clients, so WorkerRental implemented a review and rating system for all of our Workers' profiles.  After you do a fantastic job, the Member can leave a glowing review about the work you did, giving you credibility moving forward.  The more positive reviews, the more jobs you'll attract.


 Be Your Own Boss

When you work with WorkerRental, you aren't anyone's employee.  You are an Independent Contractor.  You work for yourself, when you want, how you want, and most importantly, for your own hourly rate.  A problem with most traditional employers is that they decide how much your work is worth, and, in most cases, they lowball.

If you provide a top-notch service, you deserve top notch pay rates.  So don't be afraid to set an hourly rate you feel your work deserves--you've earned it!


This Isn't an Auction Site

With WorkerRental, you don't need to spend hours bidding on projects in what seems like a race to the bottom.  The Members on WorkerRental are looking for quality services and are willing to pay accordingly.  So stand behind your services and rates confidently, and let the jobs come to you.



If all of this sounds great to you, create a Worker profile at today!  The sign up is free and you can post your services online immediately!

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